Feb 2016 – Update on the Save the Beehive campaign

The Friends of the Beehive have been working hard towards our goal of buying the pub .

We are grateful for support from the Parish Council who have given us some funding for our initial costs. The Community Council also support the project.

We are now receiving expert advice from the Plunkett Foundation a charity who supports  communities to set up and run community cooperatives – they have provided us with an advisor.

We have set up a Community Benefit Society. We have set up a website, a facebook page and are making a You Tube video.

A group of us viewed the pub in December and we carried out a carry out a survey in January. Some work is needed to bring the pub up to a decent standard.

The Business Plan is complete and we  launched the share offer  on February 8th. Both are available on our website.

The steering group has been strengthened through the addition of a number of Horringer people who are Directors of successful companies. Also we are being supported by a group of local people who are developing the communications side of the project. It’s great to have so much interest and help.

The owners of the Beehive, Hawthorne Leisure have appealed against the listing of the pub as an Asset of Community Value. We have challenged their appeal and there will be a hearing  to decide on this matter.

After our initial consultation we have received pledges of £90k. We are keen to  maximise share capital so any mortgage is as small as possible. We have reduced the minimum share to £50 to encourage everyone in the village to invest. Please support our bid to buy the Beehive through buying shares or making a donation.

We hope to make an offer for the pub by mid February.


Peter Crofts Chair of the Friends of the Beehive .

petercrofts@btinternet.com ;    01284 735044



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