Working Party at your village Community Centre! Friday 7 October 2016

Your Village Community Centre Needs You!

Cleaning Clip Art
We will be holding another of our DIY Working Party Days on Friday 7 October 2016. These working party’s have been very successful in the past, thanks to the generosity of all the volunteers in giving up their time and this is really appreciated by all of the Hall Management Committee and by all of those that hire the hall and benefit from their hardwork throughout the year.  
We will be starting at around 10am and finishing about 3pm and have a number of jobs to do in and around the Community Centre, including painting/decorating, cleaning and gardening (we are obviously hoping that the beautiful weather that we have been having will continue until then!!).   Many will be aware that we had some major refurbishment work done last Summer but general wear and tear is inevitably starting to show so a few hours ‘TLC’ and it will all hopefully be looking like new again!  
Gardening Clip ArtIf you can help, even for an hour, please do get in touch either by email ( or by telephone 07947 592013 and we can then contact you nearer the day with a bit more of a plan!!  Of course, if you are unable to commit now but find you are free on the day, please do just pop along as all help will be very gratefully received!
DIY Clip Art
If you have any questions about this working party please do get in touch – Hope to see you there!!
From Horringer Hall Management Committee

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