Volunteers needed – St Edmundsbury Newstalk

ST-2ST. Edmundsbury Newstalk

St. Edmundsbury Newstalk was commenced in 1980 and was registered as a charity in 1981. It has been producing a weekly Talking Newspaper for registered blind and partially sighted people for over 30 years. The news, including readers’ letters and features, is selected from local newspapers, with added information such as the times of sunrise and sunset and various “what’s on” items.

Regular audio magazines are also produced, featuring interviews, short stories and articles of local interest.

We have a team of around forty volunteers, who each have their own role in the production process, i.e. readers, editors, producers, copiers, dispatchers, processors and interviewers.

The service is completely free of charge and includes the supply of a memory stick player to each listener. The “Articles for the Blind” free postal service is used to dispatch the memory sticks.

Any registered or partially-sighted person can receive St. Edmundsbury Newstalk recordings, even those living outside the area if they wish to keep up with local news.

We always welcome new helpers in our various departments. Rota systems are operated, so most tasks only involve two or three hours every few weeks, either in the evening or during the day, depending on the task undertaken. Training is provided and new volunteers are given every support.

Anyone who would like to register as a listener or become a volunteer, please contact Carole Gooderham (Secretary) on 01449 736631 or e-mail: carolegooderham@uwclub.net


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