Good Neighbour Scheme

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

The last quarter of 2012 was particularly active, with an average of three calls per week to the on-call mobile.  These were mainly requests for occasional transport to doctors or dentists, or to hospital appointments, etc. but we also welcomed new members to the GNS afternoon teas.  One of these new members had only heard about the scheme from the fundraising sponsorship activity at Waitrose during December, which seems to show that despite all the publicity when we were working to get the scheme up and running, there are still some residents who were not aware of the scheme until recently.  As a reminder, our team of willing volunteers is also able to offer:

– shopping/prescription collection

– minor household repairs

– help with pets/dog walking

– one-off garden tidy up

– form-filling/letter writing

– befriending.

To request any of these services, just call the on-call number:

07532 274795, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

or you can contact a member of the committee, as follows:

  • Jan Cannon
  • Wendy Cullingworth
  • Geoff Gow
  • Chris Harrison
  • Lyn Jones
  • Joyce Ringer
  • Gill Scott
  • John Cannon
  • Norman Hanford

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