Carpet Bowls Club

Carpet Bowls

The Horringer Carpet Bowls Club started in October 1987 and has been enjoyed by its members of all ages ever since.  We have three carpets and the Club meets on Monday afternoons 2 – 4 pm and Tuesday evenings 7.45 – 9.45 pm (except the first Tuesday in the month) in the Community Centre.
We also participate in the Bury League, playing against other Clubs in the area on a home and away basis.

You are very welcome to drop in any time, meet the members and “have a go”.  You may then wish to join us and become a member. We are a friendly crowd, and it’s a great way to get to know people! For further information contact Ron Long on 01284 762111 or Jill Fincham on 01284 735570.

The Game Itself

The game of carpet bowls is a gentle version of the standard lawn bowls game.  It is played indoors on a carpet, hence the name.  The carpet is 30 to 33 feet long and 6 to 6.5 feet wide.

It is played by two teams at a time, with up to four members in a team.  Each player has two bowls, and must get their bowl as close as possible to a pre-positioned white jack ball, at the other end of the carpet. The bowls must be played to avoid a block placed in the centre of the carpet.  The skill is to get the bowl to run a curved path, avoiding the block and coming to rest next to the jack.  The team whose bowls are nearest to the jack score a point for each bowl.  Seven ends are played in each game, and the team with the most points win.


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