1st Horringer Guides

Guides The 1st Horringer Guides was first registered in the 1920s, and is still  going strong today. The Guides are kept busy with a range of activities in keeping with the main aims of Guiding, based on five essential elements that are applied in ways appropriate for each girl to achieve her personal best.Age range from 10 to 15yrsMeeting at Ickworth Park Primary   School on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm
Activities that we enjoy include:* Abseiling * Rifle Shooting * Archery * Children in Need (appearing live on national TV and radio) * Canoeing/Sailing at Lackford Lake * Visited the Guiding World Centre in Switzerland * Outdoor Cooking * Sponsored ‘famine’ for 24hrs * Trips to Alton Towers * Camping * Swimming Galas * Rounders * It’s a Knockout Games * Visiting the Fire/Police Stations * Make-overs at the Body Shop * Indoor summer camp in June with Christmas as the theme * Outdoor trails in the town & in the county * Shopping * Playing Chubby Bunnies * Loads of crafts (glass painting, pottery, cooking, Christmas decorations, etc) * Games that are FUN!!!!
For more information regarding the Guide Association visit our web   page www.guides.org.uk or contact Polly Barfoot 01284 735292

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