Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch in Horringer

A team of 6 volunteers, led by Tibor Pollerman, operates in the three villages of Barrow, Horringer and Risby. We aim to have one session per week in each village to log the excessive speeds of motorists driving through the village, although the actual number of sessions is influenced by the weather and the availability of team members. In Horringer, we work along the A143 on 3 sites which comply with police regulations and provide a safety net for the volunteers; the most useful site is at the junction of Low Way and the A143. Drivers are logged when they exceed speeds of 35 mph and above. We log, on average, about 30 drivers per hour with speeds between 35 and 45 mph and on occasions, we record drivers travelling more than 50 mph. As well as the speeds travelled, we note the car number, make, model and colour. These details are forwarded to the police who take further action, normally a letter to the driver to remind them of the dangers of speeding in a 30mph zone.