Parish Council

Parish Council

Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of a Parish Council are quite extensive, but on a routine daily basis the work of this Parish Council is, in the main, concerned with planning applications, the upkeep of Parish Council property, e.g. bus shelters, benches, etc, keeping the village free from litter and the grassed areas regularly cut.  The Parish Council is responsible for the setting of the annual Precept: monies received by the Borough Council for the funding of the upkeep of the village, this in turn is equated to the amount of Community Tax each household pays.

The Council

There are seven Parish Councillors, including a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, all of whom have equal powers.  The Parish Council must act as one body; decisions are made by the majority of members present and voting.  The Clerk is an employee of the whole Parish Council as the corporate body, and is responsible to the Parish Council and not to the public.



Meetings of the Horringer-cum-Ickworth Parish Council are held approximately once a month, with notice of the meetings being posted on the Parish noticeboard at the top of Meadow Drive.  There are two other noticeboards in the village on which parishioners are invited to post notices of interest to the village, e.g. forthcoming events in the village, etc.  Members of the public are welcome at all Parish Council meetings, but they are not permitted to address the Council, although there is a 15 minute Public Forum before each meeting, when any member of the public can express their views..  Minutes of any Parish Council can be inspected by parishioners once they have been confirmed as a true and accurate record – the Clerk should be contacted in this regard.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting must be held between 1st March and 1st June, members of the public are invited, although only those persons on the electoral roll are allowed to speak. Reports from the Chairman of the Parish Council, the Governors of Ickworth Park Primary School, the County Councillor, the Borough Councillor, the Community Council and the local police representative are all heard at the Annual Parish Meeting.

This is the archive of the minutes of Horringer-cum-Ickworth   Parish Council  meetings, together with other matters concerning the Parish Council


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