Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan

For use when an emergency takes place in the parish either   to:

  • Assist the emergency services; or
  • Take action if no outside assistance will be available for some   time.

This web version omits Maps and some personal telephone numbers. It also does   not repeat Key Village Contacts already on this web-site.

Full Paper Copies are kept by:

  • The School
  • 2 Laminated Copies in the Community   Centre
  • Chairman Parish Council
  • Chairman Community Council


  • Dial 999
  • Inform District Emergency Planning Officer Tel: 01284 757035 Mr   David Bird.
  • Contact Key Community Leaders as available to create a small team   for leading action. See List of Community Contacts elsewhere on this web-site   and Advice Sections 
  • Consider whether Emergency Centre is needed. 
  • Consider resources required.  
  • Consider use of Village Website.
  • Consider use of radio stations.




Telephone Number


District Emergency Planning Officer                 (St Eds   BC) David Bird 01284 757035  
Police                  Control
County HQ 
  999                 774100
01473 613500
Ambulance   999  
Fire   999  
West Suffolk Hospital   713000 Hardwick Lane
Social Services   352100  
Anglian Water   0845 7 145 145  
Electricity   0800 7 838 838  
British Telecom Reporting Fault 0800 800 154  
Radio Suffolk   01473 250000  
SGR Radio   01473 461000  
St Edmundsbury Borough Council Out of Hours:

Normal Hours:



Suffolk County Council(Bury Office)   01284 352000  
Horringer Community Centre   735533 Needs to be manned during emergency
Borough and County Councillor Terry Clements 827161  


To provide a place of safety if necessary.

Premises in order of preference
Resources available
Access & other info
Horringer Community Centre Central to the village & familiar to people.Large Main Hall.                     Committee room for communications.                     Well-equipped   kitchen.                     Sanitary facilities.                     Stage for storage area.                     Club next   door.                     Two telephone lines:                     Centre 735533                     Club 735504 1. Key box, located on the wall near the post office. Access   by code. Obtain                 from Beryl Hughes 735934 2. Key   holders:  Club, community council chairman. 3. Organisations that use the community centre also know the code. 4. Key holder for Club: Angie Nunn
Ickworth Park Primary School

(Do not use if children in school)

Furniture inappropriate (too small)                 Multiple rooms                 Kitchen                 Sanitary facilities                 Computers & telephone lines Contact Head – Marion Miles – 735337
Ickworth House (National Trust) Isolated (which could be useful)

Plenty of rooms in the West Wing &   Rotunda.                   Kitchens in the West Wing.                   Sanitary facilities in the West   Wing.                   Telephones in the West Wing & Rotunda.                   Computer facilities in   the West Wing & Rotunda.               The Ickworth Hotel is adjacent

Contact property manager – Kate Carver 735270

Out of Hours:                     Contact house staff 07769 876015


Horringer Church No catering or sanitary facilities, use in conjunction with community   centre.  


 Full Emergency Plan – 2 laminated   copies & 5 paper copies. In the Emergency Box behind the Committee Room door in the Community   Centre  


 Tractors Trailers 4–Wheel   drives Chainsaws National Trust Foresters

Mr R Ames                     Meadow Cottage                     Sharpes Lane

Mr & Mrs Trevor Wells                 The Hopleys, Manor Lane

735496                 735921                 Out of hours:                 Head Forester 735154


Catering/Supplies Limited coffee/tea in community centre

Six Bells public house                     The Street

Beehive public house                   The Street

Ickworth House                   National Trust West Wing & Rotunda

Ickworth Hotel                   Ickworth Park








First Aid Kit Fluorescent   jackets Torches Candles Paper   for admin Clip Boards In the Emergency Box behind the Committee Room door in the Community   Centre  



Overall coordination
Possible Tasks Advice



Allocation of possible roles

  • Obtaining resources
  • Welfare & caring for volunteers
  • Communications
  • In the field/incident

Inform District Emergency Planning Officer

Ensure village alerted


Consider use of Radio stations

Consider rest periods for volunteers

Consider safety measures

Insurance implications



Emergency costs

Identify a Team leader for overall Co-ordination.


See later advice sections                   See later advice sections                   See later advice   sections                   See later advice sections


Tel: 01284 757035

Use Neighbourhood Watch list to assist this. If telephones are not working   the co-ordinators can knock on doors.                   Village website could be used for   keeping people informed. .


Remember those out and about.

Fluorescent jackets are in the Emergency Box behind the Committee Room door   of the Community Centre.

Insurance Company: Zurich Insurance Policy No. YLL 122004 195300.                           9am. – 5pm  01252 387530                         Out of hrs    0800 0280336                   People   authorised to act in accordance with the plan are covered for insurance   purposes.

Speak to Parish Council Chairman, Peta Cook 735098 or Clerk , Marilyn   Bottomley 789303


Possible Needs Advice




Communications Equipment:                   Laptops                   Printers                   Mobile   phones


Catering supplies


Paper/pens for recording information

First Aid



Keep a log of who loans equipment


  • Village organisations contact list in Horringer Diary;
  • Neighbourhood Watch ring round list. See paper plan
  • People with useful skills paper plan


Ask people on the day if you can borrow theirs.


See paper plan and Other Resources page

See paper plan and Other Resources page


Some paper etc. and clipboards are in the Emergency Box behind the Committee   Room door of Community Centre.                   .

First Aid Box In Emergency Box behind the Committee Room door of Community   Centre.

Water authorities have an obligation to provide bottled water in the event of   loss of supply exceeding 48 hours.  Up to 48 hours this is   discretionary.


Possible Needs Advice
 Looking after vulnerable residents:



Emergency Centre

Designate areas in Centre e.g.

  • Information desk
  • General rest area
  • Play area for children
  • Pet’s area?
  • Storage area for equipment

Hot drinks and food

Comfort and warmth

Entertainment for children

First Aid

Fire Watch

Identify anyone with special needs.


Keep people occupied


Consider registration of all those in centre

Use neighbourhood watch coordinators to identify vulnerable people. See paper   plan and NHW part of this web-site

Vulnerable people can go to or be looked after by a friend or neighbour or an   emergency centre can be used.


Designate a supervisor for each area, consider shift organisation.





First Aid Box in the Emergency Box in the Community Centre behind the door of   the Committee Room


Check location of fire extinguishers.

Treat everyone as an individual.


Assisting others, tidying up, fire watch.


Work with communications section.

Do not have people queuing.  (People not admin).


Possible Tasks Advice
Set up communications centre

Set up information desk for:

  • Volunteers
  • Villagers
  • Villagers’ relatives
  • District planning officer
  • Emergency services


Log incidents in an Incidents Log

Set up computer, printer and telephone system if   possible

Use Village Website to keep the village informed and   up-to-date.

Use Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators to keep the village   informed and up-to-date.

Consider using runners to communicate with   people elsewhere.

Contact Radio stations with advice

In Community Centre use the committee room.





Paper and Clip Boards are in the Emergency Box behind the Committee Room door   in the Community Centre.

Borrow Laptops.


Use Neighbourhood Watch list to assist this. See paper plan and NHW part of   web-site.

If telephones are not working the co-ordinators can knock on doors.

See paper plan


Possible Tasks Advice
Keep in regular contact with the communications   coordinator

Be a main contact point for people helping at the incident and for street coordinators.

Assist volunteers to obtain any equipment they need

Keep a watchful eye for health and safety issues





Are road diversions needed e.g. using Sharpes Lane or   Westley Lane?

Use runners/drivers if necessary.

See paper plan for list of Neighbourhood Watch street coordinators.

Liaise with Resource Coordinator at Emergency Centre.

Keep sightseers well away. (You could use some of them to do this!).                   Watch   for debris and other dangers.                   Try to encourage volunteers to work in teams   rather than on their own – with one member watching for safety issues.

Fluorescent jackets and torches are in the Emergency Box behind the Committee   Room door in the Community Centre.

Borrow red triangles from villagers’   cars.


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